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Every structure is in its turn an element of another structure.
Ulises Carrión

We code and re-code our worlds to create a sense of order and meaning from within a perceived chaos. Information is not meaning. Neither is information something that just exists out there in the world. It is a construct carried by physical markers and as such can be hacked into variable combinations.

This project began with the proposition of creating a book using it's own ISBN as a start point. An ISBN is an international machine readable code used to recognise and identify the product form of books. It contains information pertaining to language, publisher and publication, but not the work inside. So, what happens when the systems <ProductIdentifier> the ISBN becomes the content? How is it re-coded? And how is it re-read?

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Ballpoint pen on paper, scanner & photoshop, 328 x 29.7 cm

An edition of 10 published 2018.

Aquired by abcD, University of Dundee Museum Collections | Carnegie Mellon University, Hunt Library | ETH Zürich, ETH-Bibliothek | Lafayette College, Skillman Library | Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien, Universitätsbibliothek | University of Michigan Library (AAEL) Special Collections | Yale University, Robert B. Haas Arts Library.

Content, design and production by Darren Marsh
Dimensions 328cm x 29.7cm
16 page concertina fold
Unfolds in spreads and can be read as one continuous piece
Archival digital print on 70gsm Japanese Kozo paper
Archival digital printed Kozo paper covers
Printed paper banderole with title

Printing by William Chitham, Manchester.


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