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about everything is an elegy for power brokers and mass-production, it was constructed from a years-worth of newspapers, reordered and reshaped. The titles of ancient dictators - high-ranking officials from Rome, Russia, the medieval church - replace our contemporary Presidents and celebrities. As the poem progresses, words are replaced with zeroes, holes. Verses are paralleled with Davenport’s photos and fragments of a sound score by Ben Gwilliam.

Design and type-setting is by artist Darren Marsh. The poem was devised by cross-column reading and can be read either vertically or horizontally, so that each verse has many possible paths through it. The images and the words vie for attention – as in news reportage – to make conflicts of meaning.

about everything is a coffee-table book from a now populated by medieval-minded politicians and religious leaders, machines that emulate life, breeding ever more products, news images that clone themselves and in the midst, people with their faces turned away.

An edition of 1000 published 2009.

Supported by Arts Council England.

an apple pie product | isbn 978-0-9539367-7-5

All text © Philip Davenport
All images © Philip Davenport

philip davenport about everything book
philip davenport about everything book
philip davenport about everything book