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Ketsuban is the fantasy story of MissingNo and Lossy. Two digital sprites seeking freedom from the daily grain of computation, to live a peaceful, uncorrupted postdigital life as Glitch-alike in The New Aesthetic.

MissingNo an error handler and Lossy a data compression encoder exist in a closed binary world corrupted by corporate circuit benders, buggy interfaces and random data insertions. If discovered a select few are celebrated as patches of code. The rest are re-written out of existence.

Their quest takes them deep into the Darknet of Onionland, a lawless matrix inhabited by cyber cowboys, phishers, botnets and hackers. Ever-present, ever-scanning for vulnerable prey. Here they must gather what help they can before uploading to the Boolean Domain and interfacing the Glitschen, a mindless techno-cannibal capable of multiplying its powers by consuming all things digital. The Boolean is a magical place of programming wizardry and coding spells. If they are to realise their electric dream of digital materiality, they must first become masters of their own electro-realm.

An edition of 6 published 2017/18.

Aquired by Lafayette College, Skillman Library | MICA, Decker Library | Otis College, Millard Sheets Library | Swathmore College, Book Arts & Private Press Collection | Yale University, Robert B. Haas Arts Library Special Collections.

Book content and design by Darren Marsh
Dimensions 21cm x 14.8 x 2.6cm, 368 pages
Pefect Bound
4 page printed 250gsm cover
Inkjet printed on 130gsm silk in the UK

Photography by Shaw & Shaw

  © Darren Marsh ketsuban
© Darren Marsh ketsuban
© Darren Marsh ketsuban
© Darren Marsh ketsuban
© Darren Marsh ketsuban