The series of digital works were created in contrast to my painting. They serve a purely aesthetic purpose by exploring the potential and capabilities of the image and the interface being used, in this case Photoshop.

I begin by taking a sample image from one of my paintings, then proceed to reconfigure the image and explore its potential by repeatedly manipulating it through the tools that Photoshop makes available, such as distortion, cropping, layering, filtering and colour manipulation.

Image content is only ever taken and recycled from itself and never from another work, thus keeping each piece unique. As with accidents in painting, if the image is forced beyond the limits of the software unexpected qualities can be found.

A major advantage of this method of working is a greater freedom to explore and experiment without having the concerns of making a mistake and destroying the work, as mistakes can easily be rectified by the click of a button.

Darren Marsh, 2004