MOUSE drawing
© Darren Marsh MOUSE diary drawing

mouse noun |mous| ( pl. mice ) verb |mouz|
to prowl around as if searching

The Mouse Drawing project was part of an ongoing inquiry into how we as human beings navigate digital-physical realms, and the affect on our notion of work and (dematerialised) labor.

A pen is attached to a computer mouse and placed onto a sheet of paper. The movement of the hand, the functioning of the mouse and computer interface all become integral elements in a drawing process set within a designated period of time. Marks build into surface and depth giving form to that which emerges.

The mouse-pen assemblage serves as a bodily connection with a technology; a link between one's actions and a machine. It becomes an instrument serving to implement and record by transcribing real-time gestures in an activity that is both commodity and production process.

Darren Marsh 2013

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