Paradigm Shift
© Darren Marsh painting detail

In todays global techno-environment it is the very nature of the digital image to be manipulated and reconfigured via many different channels into being something or somewhere else. Technology re-sites the nature of visual experience into a disembodied 2D non-space or virtual space.

Introduced into this non-space is the glitch of painting and the hand-made. Pigment and mark mimmic the digital palette, which in turn reference painting and drawing process to create hybrid constructions that are neither/either. Within this paradox the digital becomes embodied, no longer contained within the technology that supports it, while the analogue is digitally coded.

This process of working creates a feedback loop turning inside out both digital and analogue. Works remake themselves with samples, which are in turn sample selves in which variable reconfigurations arise.

Into this information stream is thrown the question of meaning and interpretation.

Darren Marsh, 2009

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