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Darren Marsh Little Song

Wave Two: William Blake and the Naked Tea Party.

Ekleksographia online magazine ‘William Blake and the Naked Teaparty’ is guest edited by Philip Davenport. The issue features textworks that emphasise the touch - handwrit and haptic – particularly pieces that consider emotional engagements, human space - that weird trace and corporate/military erasure of the handmade, the human touch, the not-digital. These qualities link into the alternative tradition of poetics - and to 'outsider' artists who are owed a debt by the experimenters (an IOU all the way back to Will Blake, he and the Mrs sitting on the lawn in London afternoons, naked, drinking tea). [2010]

Ekleksographia is an independent international poetry magazine edited, produced and published by Jesse Glass, Daniel Sendecki and a revolving panel of editors.

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Kirstie Gregory wrote:
" a rare sense of the eternal breathes weird life into Darren Marsh's "visual sonnet". If I play Marsh's piece on my computer on one web page, and open another page simultaneously, and then go back to it, Marsh's work has moved on without me, and unlike the overwhelming amount of 'stuff' online, the progress of the piece is beyond my control. Although Marsh's work does not have the same hand strength of other examples, it does more than any of the others to wrestle an individual's control back from the monster. Colours and words compete for our attention but the text is used in the same way as the stroke from a paintbrush might be. Words appear largely abstract but their placement on the page, their appearance, disappearance or interwoven quality is the internet of the handwritten."