>Splish Splash
>Little Song
>Grin Variations
Darren Marsh synthia screenshot

:synthia: employs traditional painting and drawing techniques with digital technologies to create a hybrid construction.

:synthia: the above painting, was produced by hand using oil, emulsion and pen on paper, scanned and reshaped via digital production techniques. A proposed installation presents the painted image unsecured from its original fixed state, reconfigured into infinite, rhythmic compositions.
Pixel is as pigment, layered, removed and reapplied in a continuous process of becoming. Technology serves as an integral element in the creative process, dynamic and emergent, generating endless (re:re:re) configurations of an original. 
Traditionally painting is singular and fixed. Using technology the painted image posses an emergent nature and lifespan, existing as part of an environment of another active system. The visionary force of the work is seeded in abstraction, but filtered through the algorithm of the machine, the digital 'touch'. [2010]

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